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The girl you call crazy – she is humble

Dear all, you need to get to know me... I walk I talk and I write. I watch I discover and I analyze. I compare I compete and I compromise. I am creative and I dream, sometimes I cry inside but... Continue Reading →

Made history. Exceptional…A product, a simple design to celebrate its 40th birthday (Poang chair the IKEA icon)

***Happy Birthday Poang*** The first proof of the great success of democratic design   Rare occasions when a furniture product of the modern world celebrates such a significant age on the market. I remember the marketing that surrounded this chair... Continue Reading →

Consistency the key to success

Consistency should always take an important place in planning or implementing phases. Being consistent means we are well prepared to surprises and unexpected turns as most of our actions go by plan those few that pop up outside our control... Continue Reading →

Quote of the week by INGVAR KAMPRAD

Homeware and furniture giant IKEA celebrated the 90th birthday of the man behind the success this week! Let's make this weeks quote one of his:

Quote of the week – Quote by Bill Gates

Who does not want to hear a quote from Bill Gates ?

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