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Greenery – the color of 2017

  Colors are important Pay attention to your emotions when influenced by a color. Colour of 2017 picked by Pantone is Greenery What is Pantone and who are they? To know more click on link In July 2016 I started an... Continue Reading →

The girl you call crazy – she is humble

Dear all, you need to get to know me... I walk I talk and I write. I watch I discover and I analyze. I compare I compete and I compromise. I am creative and I dream, sometimes I cry inside but... Continue Reading →

One year’s worth of blog post topics – YES please

Fantastic idea


In order to avoid total randomness we have come up with a plan that will make it all interesting. Over a 12 month period we will share ideas, our works, tricks and fun around visual merchandising. … Source: The PLAN


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