Dear all,

you need to get to know me…

Love life live happy

I walk I talk and I write. I watch I discover and I analyze. I compare I compete and I compromise. I am creative and I dream, sometimes I cry inside but I still laugh. I am random with a plan. I am fearless yet logical and I never give up. I am loyal but that to my heart. I believe in freedom and democracy. I am a free spirit and free mind.

I believe in reaching from A to B is our mission, finding our best selves through many challenges of life.

Love new and traditional styles, love successful, interesting and wow products and design. Live on great ideas.
My dream is becoming a social media influencer for homeware brands in Ireland, delivering businesses or products social media content and marketing strategy across multiple platforms mainly Instagram and Facebook.
As I am an energetic individual and absolutely passionate with a creative flair I train myself to become good at what I do. I study and analyze the general psychology of retail and consumer behavior for the past decade out of pure interest. With my experience in retail visuals I try to understand the life cycle of products, the popularity behind a specific design or trend or style.


Specialising in homewares and furniture industry with experiences from many global, UK and Irish retailers such as IKEA, Homebase Ireland, Woodie’s, Harvey Norman Ireland, Meadows & Byrne.

I am only a girl next door, with a hobby that is my job, passionately following an unknown dream.

I am down to earth, humble and understanding, please do not hesitate to contact me with any queries.

Love to all,



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