What I do?

Let me jump in at the deep end…

    Having worked with a variety of retailers and brands from the UK and the Global market for over 10 years in different roles, I decided I would like to move onto supporting products, designers and businesses in their online activities and with their public online engagement. I come from strong retail management and visual merchandising, retail communication and customer service background and have a good understanding of the Irish market and commercial awareness of home products, furniture design and décor industry.

   Products to me are always precious. I enjoy following the journey of products and watching a brand grow or expand. I enjoy a success story. Few examples of my portfolio also more on my Facebook page and Instagram⇓⇓⇓



Email: homewaresblogger@gmail.com


As a freelancer I do…


   Continuous or occasional digital publications such as blogs, guest blogs, creative content, Instagram & Facebook posts of particular brands and specific products, ideas, inspirations or anything that can attract the attention of the public to give the brand more exposure.


Posts can cover a range or requirements

– product characteristics

– ideas/tips visual introduction of a design or product

– interesting facts/stories behind the design or brand

– special offers

– new arrivals

– business activities

– general posts

   Online presence with a static website is a must nowadays which represents a solid background to a brand or a business, but it is crucial that the website is kept live with content that keeps growing audience and keeps the followers engaged.


     Lately we have started to see the growing importance of product reviews, ideas, tips which seems essential to keep up with the demand of consumers. The public wants to hear what is new, what is out there, what is going on at local level. They want to know where they can find certain products, who the stockists are for a certain item for example.


    Product reviews give an idea of the quality, style, material and of course beyond physical characteristics blogs and posts can speak in a tone which engages the public at an emotional level.

   Visually attractive images highlight the reasons why we should fall in love with the product or the brand. Visual and creative content on social media can be a very strong marketing tool. It seems essential for beauty or fashion brands for example, to create a culture around celebrities using their products and publishing them on social media. Beauty and travel bloggers support those industries as well.

Offer, marketing, sales


    With my motto “there is a product for everyone”, I have full understanding of the fact that there is a need to be helping the public to find their way around home wares, décor, furniture and gifts that are offered around Ireland. I love working with individual or a variety of products, all types of ranges, styles, seasons.

Image sources: mainly my own www.google.com http://www.harveynorman.ie http://www.instagram.com http://www.masterclass.com http://www.tedbaker.com http://www.facebook.com http://www.meadowsandbyrne.com http://www.kitchenaid.com http://www.ikea.com