Getting lost in Dublin

Walking from Merrion Square towards Grafton Street is always worth a few slow life moments and stop by the doors and historical buildings of Dublin. A lot to see along Stephen’s Green Park already with all the beautiful buildings like Shelbourne Hotel.

A few photos of my walk and the always amazing and famous doors of Dublin (a yellow and black) this time. ⇓



Taking a walk around Dublin is undoubtedly interesting. Never know what to expect, roadworks, luas construction feels like a never ending project from the council but let’s sneak behind the building lines and take a look at the lovely window displays.

A mixture of all sorts of nature inspired props is what characterises the current looks. Nautical and jungle themed displays or all natural wooden authentic props, bricks and greenery. See the collection below ⇓

House of Ireland, Nassau Street ⇓


Kilkenny Shop, Nassau Street ⇓


Avoca, Suffolk Street ⇓


Top Shop ⇓


Oasis ⇓


Brown Thomas, CREATE event ⇓


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