Standards & fresh inspiring displays of a new store

Opening 14th June 2017

IKEA opened its first store in Hungary in 1990 and has been a journey of a success throughout its historic 27 years.

I personally worked with a good few of the lovely people who were opening the store back then. It was always amazing to hear their stories and experiences. There was one common about the ‘old’ and ‘new’ generation of Ikea co – workers :

They all love working for IKEA.

A company with great values, great history, stories and mission. It’s one big family.

Fortunately i still have friends in the Hungarian stores so I was able to ask photos first handed. This is a store that has been a dream of many. And now it can be the inspiration for the public who are looking for smart Swedish designed home furnishing and home accessories.

Look at a few images of the customers design areas where dream kitchens, living room storages and bedroom wardrobes are designed.



Thanks to for the great insight.


Vibrant, realistic, stylish, Swedish home furnishing design displays in which function, practicality are priorities.

A sparkling store where customers are put first. Customer’s café and restaurant areas👇👇👇

All good, thanks for sharing.

Esther @homewaresblogger