Retail Visuals – Product merchandising

We all love visually inviting spaces may they be the local market, the corner shop, a boutique or a larger shop or even a heavily shopped department store.


Department stores do not always allow great instore displays and there is a reason why. Recently visited a few in London and Dublin. It seems that functionality, quick service and easy access of products come first. Dealing with many branded products can be restricting. In my belief and I see it in practice and I have done it in practice displays do not always have to be that of a particular brand or product or supplier.

Customers should be able to make a decision of purchase by seeing a product and picking it of the shelf. Sales personnel are of course to help with information and link selling. But what brings me back to the store, what will I remember?

My recent visits to many shops have made me realise how little larger shops and department stores talk to customers through displays. Lack of displays and uniform units over thousands and thousands sq meter of floor spaces. Hundreds and hundreds of shelves holding beautiful products that offer very little opportunity  to see them in their real environment or function to the customer.

“We need to be able to see, touch, feel and try a product in most industries, or give customers a printed image that shows reality.”


Customers need visual entertaining, not just engagement with sales staff. Before they enter the store they need to be invited, it is all about psychology, customers are emotional beings just like any of us, keep them entertained and happy. Win their heart and trust. Build confidence in the connection they have towards you.

“Keep high standards, amazing visual impact and engagement.”

In my next blog I will bring exact examples but for now let me show you a few random interesting visuals.

I will show a few examples of window displays and in store merchandising ideas. I am running a project at the moment picking a new colour of products, displays and inspirations each month. Browns, beiges and wood was choosen for April, so I will have my examples shown in those colour tones in this blog ⇓⇓⇓


A unique first impression, whether it is a window display or the entrance area of the store. Something unusual that customers remember your business of. First and last impressions are always crucial. Let’s see a few mesmerising window displays ⇓⇓⇓


And a few in store merchandising ideas ⇓⇓⇓



What is visual merchandising and why it is important? Click link below⇓⇓⇓