Colors are important

Pay attention to your emotions when influenced by a color.

Colour of 2017 picked by Pantone is Greenery


What is Pantone and who are they?

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In July 2016 I started an ever progressive idea on Instagram

of collecting images of retail displays, ideas, products and inspiring unusual and everyday interior design from the variety of homewares and furniture around us

   Thought a lot about what colors I should pick for each month as i am running the collection over a 12 month period and possibly all over again. The original idea was to have and stick to a plan but i have kept my choices random so far and picked the ‘color of the month’ at the last minutes. That is just how I function.

The chosen colour does not neccesarely reflect the color of the season or actual festivity. In fact I try to think outside the box and move away from what is expected.

My collection of GREEN was collected in October 2016 and will revert back to it this year.

Green is one of my favorite colors as it represents nature and has a great calming and relaxing effect.

Check out a small part of my collection of homeware products, interiors, interior design inspirations, visuals and merchandising ideas from October month below.


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