How could I describe my last 7 days?!

It has been a journey one of a kind. Feels like I watched and relived my past history at a speed. Feels like I managed to put half of my life into 7 days. Professional life of course.

Started with a short visit to Ikea at the weekend and it was the most unusual feeling walking around their Click & Collect IKEA unit in Carrickmines,  Dublin, not enjoying the experience as much as I did the Ballymun building. It was still good atmosphere and spirit and welcoming workers and all, but certainly less inspirational displays and ideas. And very few products to buy and take from the spot. It is clearly a different kind of business project and set up we will all get used to it.

Images of my Ikea visit here ⇓


A few days later I finally got to visit the Blanchardstown Branch of  EZ Living Furniture  All sparkling clean little bit of unusual little bit of traditional products of everyone’s taste more or less what I expected. Beautiful collection of mirrors and very interesting decor cushions, vases and artificial flowers. And great selection on sofas of different styles and shapes and colors.

Few images of EZ Living Blanchardstown ⇓


 The next day I found myself on Harvey Norman  commercial filming for marketing materials and that was all fun. I enjoyed it. Exhausting but great day. Discovering the new ranges and displays of the newly refit Swords Store in the Airside Retail Park. Anything you need in your home electricals,  furniture, bedroom and kitchen, computer and decor under one roof it is all there except building material for that you might have to go to B&Q  or Woodie’s Ireland. And they are next door you do not have to go too far.

Images of freshly rebuilt Harvey Norman here ⇓

The same day I ended up in a different branch of EZ Living Furniture and  Michael Murphy’s Furniture very new store. Both are interesting and well layed out, must say easy to shop and great staff.

Clearly could only top my week with my other all time favourite Meadows & Byrne.

Few images of the Dun Laoghaire Shop of M&B here⇓


While Meadows & Byrne gone through a slight change in their product range in the past 8 years turning the once mainly furniture store into fully stocked  homeware, kitchenware, fashion & lifestyle heaven some companies in furniture industry fought for survival, some turned recession years into success directing their attention towards DIY or the catering industry. In Meadows & Byrne besides homewares which includes home textile décor like cushions, throws, mats & rugs, poefs you will also find clothing, beauty, ladies bags, jewellery all interesting pieces.

Happy me being able to see all of them within 7 days such a short period of time to take in a lot , observe and pass on . It all happened by chance so it was meant to happen this way. planning to do an other round when all shops get dressed in Christmas.

See you all soon and do not forget there will be a new blog out in October, all the best,



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