Businesses are responsible for the level of their own value in the opinion of their employees.

There is a fine line between doing what you love and finding the dream job in which motivation never ends and pushes workers to their personal best performances on a daily basis in an environment with a never ending source of energy.

Businesses need having that kind of attitude towards employees (suppliers, media, community, environment)  in which they create an atmosphere which is democratic,  allows freedom, supports creative thinking,  encourages bonding time, giving space to the individual minds, helping everyone become their true themselves because it believes in an honest genuine environment for all.  

My opinion about this topic: you can’t burn out if you love what you do. But do you do what you love if corporates are putting you in a box and say: ‘hey you here now work’?! Killing your personality, killing your enthusiasm, killing your motivation effecting your efficiency and shrinking the will to reach or outdo expectations.
You get burnt out without noticing and you are blamed for it!

Best companies to work for (voted by their workers) are mainly the those most successful in their field around the globe


Do not ever let that happen. Move on. It isn’t the right place for you anymore. Let them put those in boxes who they can. 

Humans (workers, bosses, every single member of a business) have personalities. Starting with some basics. Introvert vs. Extrovert

Until corporates recognise real human values and how psychology works in workplaces on individuals and teams will nothing change.  Businesses will drain energy and enthusiasm from workers, this is an invisible reaction all psychological.  “Hire character, teach skill.”

I do not 100% agree with this as the average business environment is not at all designed to bring the best out individuals.

But totally agree with the fact that hiring process is one key factor in building the best team yet it does not end with signing a contract and hope for the best. Being filled with enthusiasm as a person that sources energy and interest from ones inner place can drain.

‘motivation just like shower doesn’t last’

What does your business do for to keep fun , laughter , sparkle and energy floating around you very day life as corporate? It gets all a bit dull, grey, lacking team spirit, lacking feeling of togetherness of the individual characters comforting the most introvert yet genius souls. Togetherness will bring businesses forward, togetherness has the energy of a soul of a dragon.

#cocacola #apple #google #microsoft #ikea #amazon #handm to name a few who are beyond the recognition stage. One question from me:

Aren’t they world’s most successful companies?

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