What are retailers strategy for the month of September?

***Autumn Winter stocks and displays***

Is there a strategy at all?

Let’s be realistic and admit that not much more than catching up is what really is happening in this month. Little bit of a limbo time when all summer sales are finishing and businesses are starting to bring in autumn – winter (AW) stocks. It can visually look a bit awkward having sandals and flip flops on sale out there right beside winter scarves that just landed from a freshly pressed catalogue.

All good tho it seems just as if it was the nature of retail as you can spot this contrast in many outlets. But is it truly necessary to have to let that happen? Ask yourself this question.

The contrast comes in gradually from about mid August turning shops from a summer feel into winter. Is September too early for the change? Would a sudden launch of autumn winter not be more effective and interesting as if retailers would shout ‘come and see us, we got changed and dressed our shop for the new season’?!

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Autumn Winter window displays

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