Ikea Ireland Ikea Dublin

Ireland is way overdue getting the second Ikea in the South I mean full carpark in their only store is a sign. We are talking 1600 carspaces. Full.

Businesses are put up with restrictions of councils ah let me say politics with other words. Who wins the battle? Which of them can actually judge the overall influences and effects on the environment or surrounding areas including local businesses?

Between the two of them one wants to make money,  one has experience in this matter, one has done this 400 times in the past 50 years all over the world in more than 50 different countries. One of them takes no risks, one of them can be trusted. One of them creates 400-500 jobs in the local community. One of them is there for the everyday people with average budgets.

Fingers crossed that the project will eventually come alive….


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Have fun and enjoy til next time.