Yes, it is right. True story. Be aware, you are emotionally engaged every minute of the day.

In fact we are all emotionally engaged with businesses and brands every day in our lives. Starting with choosing our favorite coffee or tea brand, clothes, cars, busses passing us, walking down the street seeing shop windows without the purpose of shopping we are all effected and influenced by every single thing we see. And once you enter a shop looking for products or services every single type of emotion can arise in you. Retailers cannot please everyone but can reduce the possibilities of any kind of disappointment and aim for influencing people in a way that they become customers from that engagement or return at a different time.

All are hard, hard to start, hard to build but hard to keep too.

Read this interesting article about this amazing topic. Have fun! More to follow.


Are retailers fully aware of this fact and are they a step ahead of customers when it comes to winning the game of “being chosen”? Are they fully understanding the details of how their business as an overall image goes down as one single impression and it can effect customers decisions? You as retailer may only make one small mistake but remember it takes seconds to loose trust just like in any relationship. Building it back is a much longer process. Why risk it?

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