“Constantly inconsistent” – not a bad idea as it keeps the excitement of anything unexpected up-comings yet it well raises the question how can any business afford it in this day and age. Planned being inconsistent or is it a result of lacking ingredients. No doubt businesses need structure in order to achieve efficiency. Efficiency leads to good performance and helps reaching goals like PROFIT. From bottom line up and from top down. We all can be guilty of not providing full effort at all times but we are humans after all with different days and different life phrases but think about the following… Can any size company afford gaps in their system? What does it cost and is it being measured?Whether it’s lacking knowledge regards systems,  services or products,  or unfilled positions or simply poor presentations regards to overall look and feel. Also poor customer services instore and online or over the phone all are a result of inconsistency at some level or more levels of a company. But what are them?

Check out this great article on consistency.


And how to avoid these gaps and to reach most potentials of our businesses? Providing all necessary tools to the workers of the company? What is the answer?