fashion-forecasting-6-728Where do trends come from?! What are the trend colours or styles of the upcoming years and where and who are they formed by? Is it all down to designers who put their ideas onto mass production lines?

We all have our own well established tastes and styles that surround us appearing in our wardrobes,  kitchens, rooms and gardens. Is trend followed by a new and newer is just to keep the excitement and to awake a sparkle of interest in our mind desiring something different? In the world of technology products improve and being developed by the minute that is no question. The best wins the competition no doubt. Branding has a major factor in this also. Let’s just move on from this quickly…. We are more interested in trends in home furnishing businesses.

Retailers aim for the one and only fact and that is: profit. Totally understandable.

Trends are possibly no more than artificially generated business tools that help shifting more and more goods onto consumers each year. Certain industries like food or medicine or even transportation eventho they are to please our everyday physical needs and wellbeing have huge competition amongst themselves. We are going to purchase food or medical goods on a daily basis think about Maslow’s pyramid. The question is which brand  or company we choose to buy from. And here we can talk about factors like: origin, quality, price and yet trend… Let’s not touch this topic either.

What we are more interested is the trends in home furnishing industry.

Will be continued….