It is mid January and Christmas meets Easter in retail. Unnecessary for any retailer to do that, if that sight is the price for sake of grabbing some sales than the retailer may have a sparkle of confidence issue in their buying department.

Fill your empty shelves with your top best selling products or think outside the box and be different from your usual self. Grocery/drapery there is endless possibilities and opportunities. Or be simple: use your best selling brands as attraction! But wasting valuable shelfspace on Christmas stock towards the end of January and trying to tell customers it’s nearly Easter?! Surely isn’t the best idea. Buying departments need to find some way exciting products to fill gaps. Exciting yet right for the season and the time. Customers truly want a break from any festivities. Normal. If we are normal in times when everyone else is trying to break their neck to be different does that make us different?!

Easter eggs on sale in Sainburys