Having worked with many retailers and having shopped in many over more than 10 years had made me wonder do retailers really do their best to maximise sales?!

As we know the whole month especially the last two weeks coming up to Christmas and not to mention after Christmas SALES  are crucial in the yearly circle of any retailer. Sales in the festive season rise up as high as same for the rest of the year altogether. And yet we can repeatedly see the same issue instores. Not maximised opportunities like empty shelves, lacking products, low levels of key lines. One of the biggest failures of customer faced retailers is having unused spaces unless they sell air or an invisible luxury item.

Are empty shelves part of the visual look?  Highly doubt.

They are huge loss for the customer and even greater for the business that is trying to make most out of their facilities and circumstances.

Circumstances that often are judged as something can’t be influenced. Of course they can. There is plenty of tools out there for to help influencing circumstances. There always be some you can’t, but the question is, do retailers have everything under their best control on some of the most crucial steps to make the most of the season?!

Let’s go back to basics: the 4p. Let’s reframe the question. Is product, price, place and promotion taken care of?!

Where does the chain break?!

Demand- Idea- Plan- Design- Manufacturing -Buying- Logistics – Merchandising – Sales. The circle of trade. A fragile bauble of an invisible teamwork.

Solution can be very simple. What people do when they see their fridges empty or even before it gets empty?!

Reacting! Acting! Yet maybe proacting!?

Fill the fridge,act on time! Full shelves, full displays,  high standards,  offers, promotions, great service!