We had a second thought about this. People often say creative people are the ones who think outside the box. Yes it is possibly true and in fairness those creative individuals don’t even notice they do. It comes naturally to them. More like a routine or normality.

Although we believe you don’t need to be that creative person you can still be living a life thinking outside the box. What you do in your free time for example!?

Or even businesses,  retailers how they differ from others??! Thinking outside the box?!! What pushes retailers into success or failure?!  Many many decisions. Right! Wrong! Safe! Risky! Trying too hard to be different and be thinking outside the box often leads to a result where you find yourself in the place with others with the very same goal. Are you really different then?!

If your actions are nothing but reactions you morelikely end up in the same place where the others reacting the same way as you to the given circumstances.

Proactivity and planning may be the key! Because it takes communication to become proactive,  because it will make people get engaged and involved! It will become their interest to create, it will bring sparkle in their eyes and pride in themselves. That releases stress and discomfort and then and only then they become truly creative! Businesses should grab any idea coming from their co-workers, priceless information for to build better future.

And we aren’t talking pushy meetings or scheduled brainstormings in lifeless meetingrooms! We are talking random (ah no sorry ‘unexpected’ ‘out of routine’)  meetings. Where spontaneous free chats are allowed,  where freedom and ideas build structure no money can buy. From your team where everyone can have their own thoughts,  knowledge and experience expressed freely heard and listened, expected and accepted. 

Encourage everyone to think outside that box! Let them be who they are,  they will return your generosity 100 times! 

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