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Last Summer, Kate Spade dreamt up the amazing shopping idea! Shoppable Window Displays!


So many people walk up and down city centre pavements all over the world. So many people ‘window shop’ too. How about shopping on the pavement without even walking into a shop? Genius!


Kate Spade, a New York based global designer known for stylish clothing, shoes and expressive fashion accessories. The Kate Spade Saturday collection is an assortment of casual clothing and accessories. To increase retail brand awareness for Kate Spade Saturday, four inventive point of purchase options were installed to the ‘sidewalks’ of NYC.


Kate Spade occupied four vacant shops and transformed their facades into a series of impactful window displays, accompanied by a large touch screen providing a 24 hour shop service! Each window display demands attention with the bold luminous yellow contrasting with a graphical black and white façade that frames each…

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