SIMPLICITY – we can talk about a simple display, a simple way of arranging products in a store or a simple layout that makes customers shop easier in-store.

‘Simplicity’ as we mentioned before should be used as a tool – that helps us communicate to our customers.  It is direct and straight forward so it will create the easiest way for customers to understand our massege whether it is to support a brand, a product or services we are trying to promote.

Visual merchandising and branding are often called ‘silent services’. That is very correct. Without words they communicate – through a logo, colours, the look, the standards and layout of a shop, pairing up products or grouping them within the store they all just the basic communications but possibly the most effective silent influencers on consumers.

Use them wisely and do not underestimate the importance of them.

‘Silence service’ has the power to create that unforgetable feeling in peoples mind that will make them remember our brand, name, or products. It will make them return to us and also will develope a trustworthy relationship with a comforted feeling in their heart. The ‘silent service’ suddenly becomes a powerful marketing tool.

We will be advertised, we will be recommended – and yes VM and Marketing does the job, it is spreading the word for us.