In order to avoid total randomness we have come up with a plan that will make it all interesting. Over a 12 month period we will share ideas, our works, tricks and fun around visual merchandising.

Of course touching topics from every different angle directed to VM (visual merchandising). We will be trying to avoid the usual and more expected approaches that have already been talked out in several articles or blogs.

We will be trying to dig into topics on the commercial importance and influence and impact of VM. From businesses point of view. Why it is yet again becoming more and more important?! Why it should be an accountable part of a business?!

We will try find proof and reason. Or reason and proof!

We will be talking about the fine line between the three thriving departments SALES LOGISTICS and VISUALS. Why it is vital to make them understand eachothers duties, responsibilities and eachothers part in the business?! How and why one doesn’t work without the other…. How it is all just one very simple circle!

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