The 12 months plan 

  In July 2016 I started a collection of inspirations from different businesses, for example: interiors, homewares, décor, furniture, fashion, beauty, lifestyle. The idea is to gather inspirations from our everyday world in a specific colour each month. Also to create individual social media content and blog posts to support retail campaigns.


  Each month then many brands, products, businesses, ideas, inspirations get their “Shot at fame” on my Instagram feed and also on the blogs published on my website which is still a work in progress.

My history

   Having worked in visual and management roles in retail in Ireland as well as UK and Global companies I learnt to understand the connection between businesses and consumers. I also grasp the psychology behind visual displays, how every visual display or presentation of a brand influences customers to choose a product or a brand, and that is whether instore or the online appearance of brands and products.

  Branding includes attitude of a business and how the business expresses itself to the public. Stores, websites and social media exposure should be visually attractive, that of high standards where public feel welcomed at every level and step of their journey of shopping.

What can I do for your business?

    I am very happy to present not only lovely Irish designed crafts, jewellery, furniture, home décor and homewares but the same from around the world supporting brands, designers, crafters, makers, thinkers. Many years of travelling and work experience with a variety of products in wholesale and retail with global, UK and Irish businesses has made me realize that no matter what country we live in, the beauty of products are the same to all of us. In different nations and in different environments people have their own specific ways of decorating their homes, they have a different need and approach to colors and shapes. Bearing in mind that functionality differs too.

   YET we all have a desire to feel comfortable in a practical and relaxing environment. Of course traditions and habits are high influencing factors when choosing the right design. Luckily we have access to all existing designs buying local, national or online global suppliers.

Few examples of visual content from me ⇓⇓⇓

  If you wish your product to be included in my monthly feed of a particular colourscheme, please send me an email to or get in touch via other social media⇓⇓⇓




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